Life Isn’t All Black and White

April 28th, 2014 -

Nowhere Studios just released their newest trailer for their upcoming title Monochroma, and if you’ve seen the first, you have an idea of what to expect.

Monochroma is the story of a boy and his brother that witness the corruption of a corporation in society, set in an alternate dystopian state during the 1950s. The story is heavily narrative, though it lacks any cut-scenes, text, or spoken words. Instead, it  creates an emotional attachment through the brothers’ interactions to solve puzzles while saving the visually stunning world from tyranny.

The trailers for the title each serve as clues for the viewer to figure out what is happening behind the story of this title. You’ve no doubt noticed the happy, stereotypical 1950s portrayal of the people, but by the end, you see that’s definitely not the state they’re in. The use of a monochrome color palette only adds to that contrast. The game will be four chapters long, and you can expect to play through multi-storied ghettos, sewer tunnel labyrinths, factories, and a city sized zeppelin in the sky.

cornfield monochroma

When you think of video games, you may think of an escape from our world. Maybe a nice way to wind down. Who doesn’t enjoy a nice round of deathmatch every now and then, or perhaps a puzzle in your favorite “match three” puzzle game? Well, Tezateser (producer of the game) is hoping to evoke a different response with Monochroma. “A game might entertain the player, make him feel good about [him]herself or even help them socialize but a good game should also be able to satisfy players emotionally and intellectually, make players think about their lives, the society and the system they are living in…” which is a strong motive for a game, though definitely not out of the question anymore – see Journey, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, or even Bioshock Infinite.

The game is inspired by the developer’s childhood memories of the transition from the countryside to urban Istanbul, as well as the very recent “Gezi Protests.” The game will tackle the disinformation of media, destruction of nature, child labor exploitation and more. If that doesn’t sound heavy, I’m not sure what does – this game isn’t something you’ll pick up to feel good about yourself.

tractor monochroma

As a social responsibility project, Nowhere Studios also announced that they are donating $1 to the “Save The Children” organization for every sale made via their own website. They are also donating 15% of their revenue made in Turkey to an organization for homeless children.

Check out the Monochroma site for more information.

If you want to follow the development, check out their blog.

Nowhere Studios was established in 2010 with the intention of bringing about emotional titles that challenge the restraints put upon games by society, in attempt of showing it’s just as viable a medium as books or movies – and in many cases, can be even more powerful. Below you can find the original trailer if you haven’t yet seen it.

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