Kickstarting Children’s Lives

May 3rd, 2016 -

The thing about Kickstarted games is you never know where the money is going. There have been some pretty mystifying failures in the past, but there have also been some rather large success stories. Even more common are games that never get funded, with a glaringly obvious reason: people don’t know about them. Unless you are actively searching for the game, or a large site shares it, the chances of a Kickstarter succeeding are pretty slim. Hopefully, this will start the upswing of the backers.

I hope

I, Hope is much more than merely a game a small company wants to make. This is a game that will create funds for children with cancer thanks to Arconyx (the developers) and GameChanger (the charity) coming together. Arconyx is running this Kickstarter to get the funds to make the game, and then the game will be handed over to GameChanger, in which 100% of the funds from the game will go toward. This Kickstarter isn’t a cashgrab for a small company – it’s a chance to change the lives of children (and their families) that are in one of the scariest predicaments they’ll ever face.

This game is being made with the intention of the player, especially those with cancer, realizing that they have power beyond belief within them, and that is a sentiment anyone that is scared and at a loss can appreciate. We all need lifting up now and then, and I, Hope intends to do just that. If you are able, donate a dollar. It’ll mean all the difference to a child somewhere. If not, share this with those you know – this is a Kickstarter that will do a lot of good for children that need it the most. Thank you.

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