Is Ubisoft giving away more Vita games?

February 18th, 2012 -

UPDATE: As it turns out I was wrong. I honestly thought I had something here as all the pieces of the puzzle were lined up but, making posts like this is risky. Sometimes you get lucky, other times you get burned, unfortunately this time I got the latter. Sorry for any false hopes or false information. Going forward we will continue to more emphasis on research and second guessing our sources.

Destructoid recently posted an article about Ubisoft dropping the ball on uploading the full version of “Micheal Jackson: The Experience” asĀ  a demo. An error that allowed you to acquire a full copy of the game just by downloading the demo. This might seem like quite a large oversight but, it’s not the first time this has happened on the Playstation Store. When the PSPgo originally launched, Sony also launched 50 PSP titles available for download directly to your memory stick. A similar problem surfaced where the demo for Undead Knights would grant you access to the full title.

Since before writing this article, Sony has fixed both the error from 2009 (one would hope) and the Vita Micheal Jackson demo. But this has got me thinking. What if other Vita titles were plagued by the same problem? A quick search through the store reveals that all of Ubisoft’s offerings from the Vita launch appear to have the same issue. Lumines, Dungeon Hunter, Rayman and Asphalt all have demos that are the exact same size file as the full title. Little Deviants (which is not a Ubisoft game) also has a demo equal to the size of the game.

Unfortunately, I did not get a early launch Vita. There for, as of the time of writing this I am unable to load them onto my Vita and confirm that, yes these are in fact full games, but, lets look at the facts. We have 2 instances of the same problem taking place 3 years apart. Why would the file size of the game be the same as the demo, unless Sony is doing title trials for these? If that’s the case then why is the Uncharted Golden Abyss Demo 300mb where as the full game weighs in at 2.7gb? When you download the file, the icon says Demo but the file in your queue does not. The game file on your XMB also does not display “demo” in the title.

I’m absolutely certain this is the same problem that both Undead Knights and Micheal Jackson had previously. I’m sure once the bigger sites on the internet get wind of this news (who have Japanese or early launch Vita’s) they will confirm that yes, just like Destructoid said about Micheal Jackson, all of these titles are temporarily free to the keen eyed user.

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