How to Fighting Game

July 7th, 2014 -

Have you ever heard someone say “bro, do you even fighting game?” Well, never hear it again with this brand new (and free) book about the fundamentals of fighting games. Seriously though, if you’ve ever considered playing a fighting game, you should give this a read, as it’s chalked full of useful information. I’ve been playing fighting games since the “DAWN OF TIME…” or the dawn of Street Fighter anyways (which might as well be the same thing), and even I learned a thing or two. So uh, why are you still reading this? Get out of here… go buy a Street Fighter game and start throwing them hadoukens! We can always use more excited fighting game fans and what better time to do that than the week before EVO?! What’s EVO? Why, it’s only the biggest fighting game tournament this side of the galaxy, and its throwing down this weekend! Get your shoe hats ready for some good times and a whole lotta hype!

Follow the jump for the EVO Schedule and links to the book.


EVO Info:

Masher to Master (fighting game, “how to” book):

Direct download PDF (book):

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