Harmonix Collab for Amplitude

May 19th, 2014 -

As you guys may or may not know by now (only a few days left), Harmonix has been attempting to bring back Amplitude. Amplitude was the sequel to Frequency, and these games are the reason the music genre ever became anything this past generation. The controls for Amplitude don’t require you to use any peripherals aside from your normal controller, so you’re not going to need to buy any extras for the game (unless there is music DLC).

Today it was announced that they’ve partnered with some game composer titans, as well as people they partnered with in the past, including Anamanaguchi, Jim Guthrie, Danny Baranowsky, Freezepop, C418 and more! And we’re not just getting some songs that were in other games. These artists will be providing ORIGINAL CONTENT! Uh, hello? New songs from Anamanaguchi? DannyB does nothing but amazingness. Who can forget the Freezepop songs from Frequency and Amplitude?

If you’ve EVER enjoyed music games, or just the music IN games, you should support this kickstarter. It’s about halfway to its goal and only has four days to go. You can find their kickstarter here; pledge whatever you can. I’m sure if you use twitter and follow people in the industry, you’ve at least seen a retweet from someone about this game. Tim Schafer has some good advice concerning it:

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