Greedy Guns Gets Green

June 4th, 2016 -

A new Metroidvania title with inspiration from the likes of Super Metroid, Metal Slug, and Gunstar Heroes, with a bit of bullet-hell thrown in for good measure. It features co-op, unlockable abilities, and plenty of secrets to find. Most of all, it offers some killer action and platforming. What is it? My friends… this is Greedy Guns.

Click me, Click me!

The demo for Greedy Guns, which you can play right now, starts off almost feeling like Galaga. You’re limited to a moving platform, and you’re shooting everywhere within 180 degrees (that other 180 is available as well, but unless you’re jumping around, you’ll be sticking to the upper half) to kill the hordes of enemies and the “boss.” You’re also introduced to an ability to help null the projectiles when it’s impossible to avoid them. After completing this section, you’re introduced to the map proper, which involves exploration, platforming, and killing guys in ways that don’t just involve blindly aiming and shooting.

The game so far plays great – the controls are tight, the art style is nice, and the mix of bullet-hell is a very welcome addition to the genre – I’m surprised it hasn’t been utilized more in the past. As you defy physics with your double jumps and invulnerable rolls through enemies, you’ll find yourself smiling like you did with Mercenary Kings, a wonderful combination of two genres that deserved to be combined years ago. If you dig the demo, give their Kickstarter a look and help Tio Atum bring the game to Steam in December. It’s already been greenlit, and the guys would prefer to work on the game without finding other means of support. They’ve already spent two and a half years working on it, and it shows.

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