Glitch in Gran Turismo 5 Spec 2.0?

October 12th, 2011 -

I decided to try out GT5’s new mid race save feature this evening . I started a 4 hour race, did about an hour and then saved. When I came back a while later, everything seemed fine. I started the race back up and all the cars were driving like there was a flag thrown and my car was being controlled by the AI. I figured it was going to finish the mid lap it was on and then give me back the controls. Oh how wrong I was.

After it crossed the line, for some odd reason it pitched sideways and slammed nose first into the wall, that divides the pits from the track. It them proceeded to back up and then try to avoid the object it was hitting, but always turned to late, thus slamming back into the wall. It did this for about 3 minutes until it finally broke free (and put me down about 2 laps). It crossed the finish line again and yet, it was still driving for me? Granted it was driving full bore like a high level B-spec driver but, that’s the problem. This is an A-spec race?


After about 15 laps in, it was apparent that I was not going to regain control of the car, so I was left to see how the AI would handle catching up to the other drivers. Since I greatly over powered my Miata, it caught up in no time, however there was a new problem. My tires were wearing down to critical levels, and normally I (or the B-spec driver) would pit in to have them changed. But, since this is neither of those, it was a “I still just think your leaving the pits so, ill drive for now” driver, the car will not pit in.

Eventually the tires wore out completely, however this didn’t phase “Mr Pit Driver” and his awesome drifting skills. Yet again, there was a new problem, fuel. At this point it was about an hour and a half into a 4 hour race with just shy of a half of tank. Would this bee enough to finish the race? Well, thanks to my superior mathematical skills I have ascertained that… “bitch you ain’t gonna make it.”

After letting it run its course for a little while longer, reality set in. This was not going to happen, and I didn’t want to leave my PS3 on for another 2 hours to find out. Off it went, along with all my progress. Its unfortunate, but as with all large game changing title updates, there will be bugs. Hopefully PD can make a quick turn around on this issue because, this is one of the most sought after features of the 2.0 update.

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