Game Music Bundle 8

December 4th, 2014 -


Are you a fan of video game music? I’ve loved the soundtracks since I first heard Manami Matsumae’s work on the Mega Man series before I could even read. Since then, I’ve grown to love music of many forms, and video games span so many genres and hold so many emotions that it’s hard not to adore them, even without playing the games. Well, Game Music Bundle 8 just launched today, and it once again has two tiers to choose from: $1 for five albums, and $10 for an additional fourteen (nineteen in total, for the math impaired). It contains works from Disasterpeace (which video game music bundle isn’t he in?), Calum Bowen, Paul O’Rourke, Lifeformed and plenty more! Support artists for the awesome music that adds so much to our favorite interactive medium!

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