Firefly: Online

July 25th, 2014 -

There has been a lot of commotion regarding Firefly: Online since the announcement of the original crew being a part of the game. For a show that was cancelled before all the episodes were even aired, this is huge for the cult following. Every year since that tragedy, there have been demands for the show to be brought back, and yet nothing, until now.


Firefly: Online is definitely not the next season of the show, but it does bring all your favorite characters back (even Alan Tudyk will be returning, and for multiple characters!). So now the question comes up: who is developing this? As soon as I heard the news I thought I knew, as I saw it on their site a while back when I was researching another game. I reached out to John O’Neill, the president of Spark Plug Ggames, for reassurance on the matter as I couldn’t find an article stating it was them. SPG is indeed developing it.

So who is SPG? Well, maybe you saw them on your favorite video game blog back in April when they held a Kickstarter for an upcoming game called MechRunner. While that game still isn’t out, it seems to hold the most promise for what is to come with Firefly: Online. The team behind it aren’t new kids on the block, either. They’ve had their fair share of work on big titles over the past fifteen years, with credits on Robotech, Civilization, and XCOM. So will they get this right? I certainly hope so. FOX may have taken down the show, but they can’t take the sky away from us. Look for Firefly: Online later this year on iOS, Android, PC, and Mac.

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