Far Cry 4: Reasons to Scream

June 13th, 2014 -

By now I’m sure you’ve seen the footage above. If not, do yourself a favor and watch it now. It’s okay, I’ll wait.

So now that you’ve seen that, perhaps you understand the excitement behind this upcoming title. Perhaps you’re so uncomfortable in your pants that you need to go change them; that’s understandable. Have you played Far Cry 3 yet? If not, that will tide you over for a couple days if you play it in a similar manner as me. There isn’t a whole lot I need to say beyond what that video shows. However, in the event you live under a rock and haven’t been following this at all, and are completely oblivious to E3 or the news coming from it, allow me to just blow your pants off again real quick (or for a first time if you held it together initially): game sharing.


Guys… GAME. SHARING. Do you know what that means? Well, it’s not QUITE as cool as it could be, as it has its limits, but of course it does. Think about Nintendo’s handhelds and how certain games allow for multiplayer without owning the game. The most recent one that I participated in was Mario Kart 7 with my brother. He boots the game, starts a lobby, and I can hop in by using the game sharing app which allows me to just take part in whatever he chooses, with a default character (Shy Guy). It works a bit differently for Far Cry 4. The person who buys the game is given ten “Keys to Kyrat” (presumably you need PS Plus to do this), which can be given to anyone on the buyer’s friends list. From here, the recipient can download an application (the game, sans the story) and then play along with the buyer.

Unfortunately, it seems this application is little more than a glorified PS Plus Timed Trial. All the progress you make (EXP, loot, etc.) is carried over to the full game if purchased. The amount of time isn’t stated outside of “limited,” though I’ve seen people say a “couple” or “few” hours, so at least double a normal timed trial. From there, the person can decide if the game is good enough to buy and continue on by themselves, or with their buddies. It’s a neat idea, though I wish it wasn’t timed. I know why it is – they want to sell copies of the game. Which won’t be hard to do – I mean, did you WATCH THAT GAMEPLAY TRAILER?! I imagine a couple hours will be more than enough to help someone decide if the game is worth their time and money, or if they’ll just hop on to fly a gyrocopter and start some raging elephants into a liberation mission.

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