Exploration Abounds in Catyph: The Kunci Experiment

January 31st, 2014 -

Simon Mesnard has a new game coming out. Perhaps you recognize that name – he’s the guy that made ASA: A Space Adventure and the RPG that hearkened back to the PS1 era of games, TBT: The Black Tower (though it’s still in limbo, due to insufficient funds). He may be just one person, but I’ll be a son of a monkey’s friend’s second uncle twice removed if his stuff isn’t impressive.

Simon Says: Watch! Play! is pleased to introduce the 3rd project of the Black Cube series from Simon Mesnard: ‘Catyph: The Kunci Experiment’. It’s a 1st person adventure game slated for Summer 2014, and is similar to their previous game ASA: A Space Adventure. In Catyph:TKE, a sci-fi oriented point & click, you start on a moon called Tytaah divided into several regions, where you’ll face challenging puzzles in various environments.

This is not a direct sequel to ASA, and therefore does not require you to have played it.

Catyph:TKE has once again been envisioned as a cinematographic experiment, an interactive story and exploration; it will feature realistic graphics and CG cutscenes, and will take place after the events of our initial short film ‘Catyph’ [which you can watch below]. Like in ASA, the storyline of the game will be developed for an immersive experience.
You play an astronaut in  the year 2062 sent by Terra to explore the solar system in search for signs of intelligent life. After going through strange events, you finally land on Tytaah, a moon of planet Catyph. You quickly realise that a mechanism called the Kunci is the reason for your presence here, and a man of unknown identity asks you to make it work for him. You’ll have to explore the moon and other places to gather more information and understand the situation.

Catyph has traditional point & click gameplay similar to the Myst series. It is created within the Visionaire Studio engine used by the Daedalic teams (Deponia). With the help of the data you collect, and the support of your AI, you will visit Tytaah and try to access all the regions of this moon. Your main mission: understanding what the Kunci is. The whole game relies on exploration and discovery.

– Discover a new story in the Black Cube series (ASA, The Black Tower)
– Visit new and varied areas with realistic graphics
– Developed with Visionaire Studio (Daedalic), allowing HD graphics and more flexibility
– Different difficulty levels
– And of course, all new puzzles!

Release: Summer 2014
Platforms: PC (Mac and Linux if possible)
Categories: Adventure, Point-and-Click, Puzzle, Indie
Genre: Sci-fi
DRM: DRM free
Language: English, French (possibly Italian and Spanish)
No crowdfunding, no Kickstarter. Never. Catyph is homemade with love.

Below is the prologue to the game – worth a watch if you have ten minutes to spare.


If you want to know more, visit the game’s site: www.catyph.fr

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