Echoes of Eridu: Co-op Megaman

May 5th, 2014 -

Have you been disappointed with the serious lack of love for Megaman over the past several years? Be it the 2D platformer, or the 3D action RPG series, or anything in-between, Capcom has been negating that genre (unless you count Strider) for far too long. Luckily for you, the people at Batterystaple have you covered. What looks to be a Megaman game is quite a bit more. Having played a demo of Echoes of Eridu, I can say that it doesn’t disappoint one bit.


EoE is an action packed 2D platformer that takes the place of that X shaped Megaman hole in my heart. Dashing, wall jumping/sliding, shooting, slicing, special abilities, and… what’s this? Multiplayer? I don’t remember that being an option… Oh yes, this game allows for your favorite type of jumping and shooting with a friend, be it on the same couch or ten thousand miles away via the interwebs. That of course means more than one character – as of now, there are two – Nina has the gun, and Ace has the sword.

Well that sounds awesome and all, but how’s the level design? Two words for you: randomly generated. You know those games that people spend weeks playing, like Binding of Isaac, FTL, Spelunky… Yeah, they have infinite replay value because it’s never the same – that’s the case here as well. Oh, and as for pick ups – there are the normal health and energy pickups, currency, etc. There are also stat boosts, such as health and speed. There’s even a pregame loadout screen to customize the way you play. But with those roguelike elements also comes the dreaded permadeath – you up for a challenge?


Okay, okay, so I’m sold on it Jason! When can I GET IT!? Well… November is the tentative date, though they are going to need your help. While the game is coming along nicely, they’re in a bit of a deficit for funds. As you know, games take a lot of time, and in turn money. Luckily, they don’t need tons of it to make their goal! A mere $6,800 as of this post! And it needs it within five days. That’s so doable it hurts! We all saw what happened with Mighty No. 9! One of the highest funded games on kickstarter. Batterystaple needs your support to help create this dream, and believe me, it’s worth it. If you can give anything, I know it’ll mean a lot to them. Hell, it’ll mean a lot to me. Tell you what – if you back it, I’ll play it with you when it comes out. Deal? Deal.

Echoes of Eridu Kickstarter

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