Dropping the Bombshell

March 2nd, 2015 -

Do you like isometric games? How about action games? What about both of those combined? Well, have we got the game for you… you may remember when 3D Realms announced this back when they rose from the grave, but did you know this game was being kicked around back in ’98?!


From the press release:

“Shelly lost her arm and her squad after failing to disarm an otherworldly bomb in what became known as “The Washington Incident.” Held responsible for the explosion, Shelly was discharged from the Global Defence Force and later approached by a private military contractor with the promise of a second chance: an arm constructed from technological remnants found in the wake of the incident.

Follow Bombshell’s quest for redemption as she fights through surreal alien worlds to rescue the President and save Earth using a growing array of special skills. With her own techtree upgrades, destructive weaponry and fierce combat abilities, Bombshell and her countless arm configurations make her the perfect soldier to stop the Kyrr, an evil alien race lead by diabolical scientist-turned-madman Jadus Heskel.”

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