Divinity: Original Sin’s Limited CE

May 16th, 2014 -

Are you familiar with the Divinity series from Larian Studios? If not, now might be the time to acquaint yourself with this series. The newest entry is Original Sin, which if you’re unfamiliar with the Divinity, looks like a Baldur’s Gate type of game opposed to Diablo. In other words, Divinity: Original Sin is a cRPG, featuring isometric, party-based gameplay; turn-based combat; dialogue trees; choice and consequence; engaging story; character and party development; a large interactive world filled with characters and items; free exploration… As with many games in this genre, there is a goal, but the path of getting there will be different for everyone. Drop-in, drop-out multiplayer takes care of you potentially getting lonely, both online and locally. And check this out: they just announced a collector’s edition of the game! Though it’s very limited – 3,000 copies, though 1,500 of those are already claimed by Kickstarter. So if you’re looking to grab one, here’s where you do it.


That collector’s edition sure is looking nice up there, isn’t it? Just in case you can’t tell what the contents are by reading the picture, or have an issue seeing words on pictures, here’s a list of the included contents:

  • Two copies of Divinity: Original Sin for co-op adventuring
  • Digital copies of Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinity
  • Recipe cards to help you craft in-game
  • A cloth map of Rivellon
  • A two-sided A2 poster
  • A Soundtrack CD
  • An Original Sin-themed playing card deck
  • Premium-quality RPG dice set with pouch
  • A Sticker pack

Are you a Mac user like some of our resident FFoPers? Don’t worry, the most recent update to Early Access on Steam made Original Sin Mac accessible! Were you wanting to play with your buddy who has it on PC? No problem, it’s not locked down to a single platform. Only have a laptop? It just got a “Laptop Optimized” mode that allows for seamless play regardless of where you are, and allows you to play with a trackpad if that’s all you have.


Being allowed to use a Mac wasn’t the only thing included in the update though. Steam Cloud saving has been implemented, allowing you to play on multiple computers. The AI has been vastly improved, allowing for tactical changes based on the player and environment, as well as utilizing different types of items. Organizing items in your pouches is now much easier, and the treasure generation has gotten a complete makeover. If you are lacking a class, the spells and skills have been retooled to better support your experience – they are also able to be “forgotten” and now have prerequisites to learn. Ten new talents have been added, which also have requirements. New skill effects, and some additions that just make the game better to play, such as a dialogue log, inventory sorting, the ability to use items from another character’s inventory, bug fixes, and much more.

Divinity: Original Sin is due out June 20th, so just a month away. If you can’t wait, you can play it now with Steam Early Access, which you can get here.

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