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December 18th, 2011 -

Have you commented on one of our articles lately? Maybe you laid out a funny remark about our podcast? But you don’t see it on the site? Well that’s due to the fact that we filter all of our comments. Originally we had the filter turned on, so that we can keep track of the comments and reply to them, or audit them if they were inappropriate. However, since we started tipping news blogs, our comments box has been a little heavy, and not in that awesome “we love you guys” kind of way.

Its been more of a “Apply NOW!! For free financing on diamond jewelry from Thailand!”. As much as we’d love your support and admiration to be visible on the blog, for everyone to see. It’s becoming somewhat overwhelming to sift through the spam to find the real comments. For example, in a matter of days after clearing out nearly 4000 spam comments, we accumulated about 500 more. It feels like an uphill struggle with no end in sight.

In the next few weeks, I plan on partnering with our web designer to see what options we have to better filter out the spam, so that we can get your comments on the site. For right now, the best way to get your; comments, feedback, ridicule, hate or whatever you would like to express to us? Will be to use our mailbag email. Thanks again to all of our followers, (be that many or few) we appreciate any kind of feedback and we look forward to bringing you quality gaming content into 2012 and beyond!

(…assuming the Mayans let us live that long…)

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