Batman Arkham Knight: Best Riddles and Final Thoughts

July 18th, 2015 -

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It’s done! After going through Gotham with a fine tooth comb I have achieved the full ending to the game and got the chance to throw down with Riddler. Check out the best/most challenging riddles I faced, and of course the big question: was it worth it?

Last time I checked in I was about half way through the riddles and covered some of the basic riddle types in the game. The second half I faced offered much more variety, making the grind for the trophies that much more enjoyable. The biggest thing I noticed was the trophies and riddles kept inside the specific locations – as opposed to the islands – had a lot more creativity to them and required much more thought. My top 5 are listed below.

  1. The Color Coordinated Puzzle in Panessa Studios-This puzzle was by far my favorite and had me struggling throughout its completion. You can find it where the Jokerized Johnny Charisma serenaded you. The concept is simple enough: hit the color you “see” in the order provided. You quickly find out Nigma means the color of the words as opposed to the color that is spelt out. It was a basic yet challenging puzzle that I found myself having a very good time with.

  2. The Calendar Man Riddle on Founders Island– “He saved the date! All Hollow’s Eve! But this calendar killer took his leave.” This riddle was by FAR the toughest. I searched up and down the streets, and even when I realized there was a possibility it was underground, it still took me over an hour of searching to find the answer. I won’t spoil this one though; the reward of finding it is too good.

  3. The Solomon Grundy Riddle on Founders Island– “He lives and dies in seven days, this beast you’ve tamed but his song still plays.” Not only was this one hard to decipher, it was hidden well and provides the player with a creepy sensation that was very unexpected.

  4. The Ball Puzzle in Arkham Knight HQ North– When you first enter Arkham Knight HQ North you see a giant riddle that has lots of switches and holes in it. Once you put the Batmobile in position you see it is a timed switch riddle that wants you to get a ball all the way to the bottom of the puzzle. There are lots of these, but this one has a twist that creates a frantic shooting gallery experience.

  5. The Rotating Statue in Panessa Studios– This one took some time to figure out, as I stood on the platform and spun in circles for what seemed like forever, I finally had an epiphany and solved it. Nothing too difficult but definitely a creative one.

During my hunts I never found myself bored or struggling to get through the riddles. The great minds at Rocksteady did a superb job at keeping the puzzles and riddles fresh and rewarding to conquer. There is one last tip I will give though, since I know I’m not alone in this: the breakables count, people! It’s not one per though, every five count as a trophy. Once I figured this out I ran back through all the locations and finally got my chance to showdown with the Riddler.

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The Riddler fight is the toughest boss fight that presented itself among the “Gotham’s Most Wanted.” If you don’t struggle with the Batmobile, your opinion may differ. This being said, the fight wasn’t too frustrating and I found myself buckling in the Riddler for his ride to GCPD in three tries. So was the additional content worth the time spent? The answer to this completely depends on what kind of Batman fan you are. If you are the more casual Batman fan, the two additional cut scenes will be not as impactful to you and I wouldn’t recommend going through the trouble if puzzles aren’t your thing. If you are a comic reading, lore following, batman fanatic; do it! The cut scene with a special someone following the Riddler fight is incredibly entertaining and plays on the heart strings. The additional content you get after the normal ending is also filled with fun little parallels that will leave you hungry for more Batman.

All in all the 100% completion of this game comes down to two things; enjoying well developed puzzles, and the type of Batman fan you are. If you like puzzles you’ll have a great time running around solving these, and if you’re a big batman fan you’ll not only enjoy the additional content, but also the quips from the Riddler as you raze his emerald empire to the ground.

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