A Tale of Social Anxiety Disorder

February 11th, 2015 -

Sym is an upcoming puzzle-platformer from ATRAX Games that explores social anxiety from the perspective of Josh. Josh is a teenage boy, and you’ll be traversing his perception of reality and the world he built to avoid his fears. Interested yet?

Screen_Sym_Demo (9)

If you choose to help Josh, you’ll be playing as his alter egos, Caleb and Ammiel. Caleb is the character for the light world, the one that is more socially acceptable – fighting fears and whatnot. The white is safety to Caleb, whereas the black is dangerous. With Ammiel, the opposite is true. Ammiel is the side of Josh which doesn’t like the outside world – if he could be by himself with no human contact, that would be ideal. Both worlds hold danger to overcome, and throughout both are messages written to show the struggle Josh deals with on a daily basis.

If this sounds like fun, the demo just launched on Steam, which you can find HERE. Sym will be available on PC and Mac this March.

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