A “newer” year a “newer” FFoP

January 9th, 2012 -

It’s hard to think that we have been doing this for a year, and its even more difficult to think that we’ve been doing this for even longer. A year ago, I wrote this.


Did we hit our mark? Did we deliver what we said we would? How was 2011 for FFoP? And what does 2012 hold in store this humble little gaming blog? Find out after the jump.


The Site

  • The site came through in ten fold compared to our duct tape job of a website we were running in 2010. Our new site works great and looks great, thanks to our friend Matt Goucher of mattgoucher.com. We may make small changes to the design of the site, but we all agree that it works well for what we need. So in that respect, I think this was a success from a goal we set last year!

The Podcast

  • The podcast constantly saw revisions and changes to the structure throughout 2011. I think the biggest thing we achieved was finding our groove. 47 podcasts later, and now we can prep, record and upload a podcast with little to no effort, while still retaining a quality product. This was also a success compared to what we were doing in 2010.

Posting articles

  • We had a short stretch of consistent written content come from the site, but that quickly ended out about mid year. This is something we have always struggled with, but I think we have come to the conclusion that we are here to offer more than just written content. I wouldn’t call this a win, or a failure really. More of a realization on our parts.

Back end details

  • We have refined a lot of our background processes, as well as making everything much more relaxed. It means less content, but it also means better quality content. Which is fine because our opinion about content has always been, quality is always greater then quantity.


The year of “The Video”

  • As we have stated on our podcast, 2012 will be the year of the video for FFoP. Our YouTube account isn’t going to know what hit it. Video Blogging, Reviews, Rants and so on. Expect big things from our YouTube account! Subscribe early HERE!


  • Fist Full of Potions started as a way for some our friends to kill free time. Its has since evolved into something more substantial than that, and we are now trying to get the internet to take us seriously. You may see some staff changes throughout the year, some familiar faces and some new. It any case, we are looking to staff FFoP with a diverse group of people who are passionate about video games!


  • Outside of working on more original content, we are also going to hang a huge banner on the internet and say, “oh btw… we’re here too!” The exact details of said advertising is still up in the air. We still have an “in” with one of our local game stores. Flyers! Flyers! Flyers! and of course finding free ways to advertise on the internet. New people will hear about Fist Full of Potions in 2012, mark my words.

All in all, I’m pleased with what we accomplished in 2011, and I am even more excited to see what we end up doing in 2012… aside the world exploding, of course.


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