404: Podcast Not Found

September 30th, 2011 -

Having problems with downloading our latest work of art podcast? Well, hit the jump and let me tell you what’s up.

Seems that some where in Poland, Team Meat had an instant spike in popularity as well as the Polish interest in fisting up some potion bottles. In short about 400 different Polish IP addresses hit our account thus capping out our bandwidth. So if you’re unable to download this week’s podcast (episode 38), that’s why. Don’t worry however. We’re not gonna let you, our loyal listeners down. As of typing this post, myself and Ryan (mostly Ryan) are working on a solution. What that solution is however, we don’t know. Might give the boot to Pod Bean and switch hosts, but who knows. This also means this week’s podcast will be postponed. Don’t fret, normal FFoPing will resume shortly.

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