20,000 Leagues Above the Awesome

May 7th, 2014 -

The Swedish devs at the new company That Brain have a treat for you. Their new game 20,000 Leagues Above the Clouds is sure to resonate with people that enjoy pirates and exploring the unknown. Sure, the trailer doesn’t show a whole lot of gameplay, but doesn’t that look like a place you want to spend hours upon hours of your time? The colors, the clouds, the flying… What’s not to love? Sure, it’s not a sky pirate RPG on the Dreamcast, but it’s lovely looking so far, and the premise is promising.


While gameplay isn’t really shown on a large scale in the above trailer, you can rest at ease knowing that it will be simple enough to control – click to move controls with added controls for abilities based on the ship and crew. But of course you have a crew and ship that you change throughout, because you’re a pirate captain! And you’ll be traveling the skies for various quests that people send you on, trading goods, and pirate… stuff. While traveling the skies, you’ll come to various skyports in which you can meet new people (friendly and shady), upgrade your ship and recruit new crew members. When you get brave enough, you can explore beneath the clouds, and hopefully survive the ascension from your excursions.

You can play this beautiful looking game on PC and Mac! Sometime… no release date has been announced. You can sign up for the beta on their website though. I’d say I’ll see you in the skies, but it’s a single player experience, so… see you sky cowboy.

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