Fist Full of Potions (FFoP) is a video game focused website, dedicated to bringing a unique brand of humor and analysis to the world of video games. Everything we produce on this website is done in our free time, in-between our daily jobs and personal lives. Everything is funded out of pocket and no profit is received for our efforts. For some of us, this is a way to gain experience in video game journalism. For others, it’s an outlet for our passion of the industry. Whatever the reason may be, all of us are here because of our love for video games. We don’t expect to be the next big thing in video game journalism, but we constantly strive to leave our own unique mark on the internet. FFoP will always be here, bringing you video game news and opinions. Whether millions of people follow us, or as a blog that nobodies heard of, we are here for you. Spending time with FFoP gives us a great opportunity to explore our hobby, as well as a way to gain experience for whatever the future may hold.


In 2007 Ryan Waltz and James Mckee decided to take their thought provoking video game conversations from their work place and post them on the internet. At that time, the site was called “Your Favorite Video Game Sucks” or “Y.F.V.G.S” for short. The interest in maintaining a blog started to drop off after blogging for a few months. Chris Brehm joined them towards the end of Y.F.V.G.S. and they eventually decided to call it quits. Later that year Chris suggested to reinstate the blog since he joined on the tail end of their endeavor, and thus The Retail Gamer was born.

This time, the blog’s direction was taken much more seriously. Jason Bolla and Jonny Edmondson now joined the team and they started to branch out even further with a weekly Podcast. Jonny ended up stepping down from a full time member to an occasional podcast guest due to school. The Retail Gamer saw some news related success with the discovery of NeoGeo and Turbo Graphix games folders showing up in a PSP firmware update. Blogging lasted for about 8 months, 11 podcast episodes, and introduced a new member to the team: Travis Wycoff. Travis was not from a retail background, and as the team started pursuing other lines of work, the team came to the conclusion that they clearly would not always be in retail and that the theme’s novelty was wearing thin. They decided to go through another name change as well as a numerical reset to the podcast episodes. In June of 2010 Fist Full of Potions was born.

During 2010 FFoP saw a staff change with James Mckee and Travis Wycoff leaving the site for personal reasons. Nobody wanted to see either party depart from the site, but we respected their decision to move on to other things in their lives. FFoP also saw the addition of Steve Rosenburg, who joined as a columnist.  Using pretty much the same blogger account with a slight color update, the site didn’t make much improvement for a few months.  In Late 2010 Matt Goucher (of mattgoucher.com) partnered with FFoP to build a new website; one that better reflected the more professional attitude towards running a video game blog. In 2011 the site continued to grow, with the addition of a YouTube account for video content and social networking on Facebook and  Twitter.

In early 2011 Steve departed from the site for reasons unknown (we believe he may have been abducted by aliens). As with everyone who has contributed to the site, we were sad to see him go and are welcome to have him or any previous members back. In June of 2011 Chris and Ryan got an opportunity to attend the Electronics Entertainment Expo. This was a huge opportunity for FFoP, and the coverage from E3 2011 generated a generous amount of traffic for the site and the YouTube page. In early 2012 Brian Emerick, a follower of the site, joined the team as a weekly guest on the podcast. In May of 2012 another follower Carlos (Los) Santiago joined as a columnist.

During 2012 Stephen Lindsey joined the team originally as Video Content Manager but quickly found his groove in writing news related articles for the site. He was gnerating more consistent written content than the blog had seen in a long time. Over the course of the next year Fist Full of Potions established a greater brand within the podcast. Creating original segments and pulling off a full length parody episode about food for their 100th.

In 2013 Fist Full of Potions interviewed Richard Boser of Sparpweed for their new game ibb and obb. Around the same time Justin Piper began filling in as a podcast guest. He would later become a full time podcast personality when Ryan Waltz stepped down to become the Video Content Manager. During 2013 Brian Emerick took a hiatus from the site for personal reasons. After a fair amount of video rants, reviews and other types of videos for YouTube, Ryan returned to the podcast to fill in for Brian. Chris Brehm also left for a brief period, but would return in February of 2014.

Early 2014 saw the staff suffer with changes in scheduling which would affect the consistent flow of weekly podcasts and other various content. This fracturing, while initially seeming negative, actually allowed the FFoP team to branch out and try new things. 2014 would see the birth of MultiTap, Justin Piper’s idea for a different round table style podcast. This would go on to become a bi-weekly show running parallel with The FFoP Show (previously unnamed as Fist Full of Potions Podcast). FFoP also began investigating the potential of video streaming services like Twitch.

The site also saw a resurgence in written content in 2014, with Jason starting a more collaborative approach with content. This was the year that we started receiving review copies of games, as well as press releases from developers and publishers alike. Additionally, there were several game giveaways due to the huge bubble that was being created with bundle sites. There was also an addition to the team named Grim, who left shortly after joining.

In 2015 the site saw all the members except Jason go on hiatus for personal reasons. While there were long periods of time that the site was barren, he kept coming back with a fervor seeing what he had put into the site. And honestly, game reviews weren’t going to write themselves. So he continued to build relationships within the game industry and review games.

In 2016 Jason started a streaming series with his wife called Can Our Marriage Survive, and a solo video series titled One-Sided Conversations. 2017 was the next big year for FFoP, with new content creators Chad, Monica, and Eric added to the team. Chad was not content with merely writing review, so he dived right into streaming games from his new Twitch page. He also became the resident horror buff, and would go on to review content that didn’t see much coverage previously. After seeing Jason put so much love into the site, and having starred in Can Our Marriage Survive, Monica decided to give writing a go and officially joined FFoP. Eric had formerly written for a site about movies and games, and decided he wanted to once again grace the internet with his musings. Rumor has it that Ryan and Chris will be coming back soon as well this year, but time will tell. There are even rumblings of a podcast begninning once again with Richard, who you may recognize from a One-Sided Conversations video.

Mid-June of 2017 Jason split off with Chad to found Garage Band Gamers, a site that not only covers video games, but all facets of entertainment. The site has a large focus on the community, with forums to discuss the latest happenings, what you made for dinner last night, and to make new friends with similar interests. While not leaving FFoP forever, Jason’s focus will now be on GBG. If you’d like to follow his future content and endeavors, you can find all the relevant links here.

(last edited July 2017)


Current Team Members

Ryan Waltz (since 2007 – 2015 on hiatus)

  •  Managing Editor / Audio Editor / Video Content Manager

Chris Brehm (since 2008 – 2015 on hiatus)

  • Release Editor / The FFoP Show Host

Jason Bolla (since 2009 – June 2017 (hiatus))

  • Social Media Manager / Senior Editor/ Podcast Personality / PR Representative / Streamer / One-Sided Conversations





Past Team Members


  • Travis Wycoff
  • Carlos Santiago
  • Stephen Lindsey
  • Steve Rosenburg
  • James Mckee
  • Jonny Edmondson
  • Justin Piper
  • Grim
  • Brian Emerick
  • Chad Johnson
  • Monica Bolla

You can find all the content from our previous members here.