Crypt of the Necrodancer Review: Get That Rhythm Right

May 4th, 2015 -

Since 1980’s Rogue appeared, there have been many Roguelike games to grace computers. In recent years, there have been many trying to implement their own ideas in dungeon crawling, but none have captured the attention of fans and non-fans of the genre like the melding of dungeons with rhythm. Read More »

Westerado: Double Barreled Review – There’s a Snake in My Boot

April 28th, 2015 -

It’s not too often that games about the Wild West come out, and even if they do, it’s rare they are something spectacular like Red Dead Redemption. Cue the new game from Ostrich Banditos, featuring a tale of vengeance in a world where you choose what is right. While not as grandiose as Rockstar’s adventure, it offers a beautiful world for you to explore – as a law abiding citizen or as death bringing outlaw. Read More »

MultiTap Podcast: Episode 19 (EXPLICIT)

April 27th, 2015 -


The core crew is back!! Piper, Aaron, Chris, Irene, and her bestie; extra effing special guest Rob Roberts from Orange Lounge Radio on the V.O.G. Network, bomb around for a LOVELY afternoon tea. Join them all as they:

  • Talk about SO much Metroid!
  • Experience relatively no sound corruption!!
  • Pitch a Metroid-related game on the new segment – The Pitch!!!
  • Go round for round and pound for pound in a confusingly Legends of the Hidden Temple themed Metroivia!!!!
  • Talk about the local indie gaming phenomenon that is the Sacramento Indie Gaming Expo!!!!!


Caveat: The awkward beginning you hear is due to a bit of a loss of audio. There was no corruption, but Audacity did decide to eat the first bit of the intro and never throw it up, so it is, indeed, mysteriously gone. We apologize, but can take comfort that the corruption problem has been fixed!!


Recording this show is our favorite thing… ever… and we are fueled by your indispensable feedback! If you like how the show turns out, please contact us at We may use the mail to shape the next episode!

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Have a great week!

The MultiTap Cast

Shovel Knight Review: Everyday I’m Shovelin’

April 24th, 2015 -

In 2013, a small group of former WayForward employees built Yacht Club Games and pitched their first title to the public via Kickstarter: Shovel Knight. It originally launched June 26th (25th at some point if you backed it, I don’t recall when I was sent the code), 2014. The goal of YCG is “to make really awesome original games that fuse modern and retro sensibilities,” and having worked on titles like Contra 4, Bloodrayne Betrayal, Double Dragon Neon, and more, it’s obvious they have a talent for that. Having played the game when it originally launched, I can tell you upfront it’s great – seriously, this was one of the best games in the genre I’ve played in years, and it still is. If you want to read more about the PlayStation versions (or were wondering about the differences in the others), continue reading. Regardless, if you have a system that plays Shovel Knight, you need to buy it. Read More »

PlayStation’s Road to Greatness

April 23rd, 2015 -

The past few years PlayStation has set off across the US in a big truck (along with some vans) and setup shop in cities all over, big and small, showing off new and unreleased titles. Of course, events like this require swag and contests featuring games that just came out – this year is a Street Fighter tournament, and the winner goes to the Capcom Pro Tour finals that take place in December. Sound good? Well, hopefully it’s better staffed than when I attended… Read More »